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Sniper Spy goes above and beyond traditional monitoring by giving you certain admin and control tools that our own customers have asked for.

Sniper Spy high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what your teenager is doing in MySpace and elsewhere in real time. It will also allow you to monitor any employee who uses the company computer(s).

No physical access to your remote PC is needed to install the monitoring software. Once installed you can view the screen live and browse the file system from anywhere anytime. You can also view chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more, with screenshots. This software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote monitoring titles on the market, SniperSpy is fully and completely compatible with any firewall, including Windows 7 and 8, and add-on firewalls. The program then records user activities and sends the data to your online account. You login to your account SECURELY to view logs using your own password-protected login. You can access the LIVE control panel within your secure online account.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium or AMD 433mhz or better, at least 64MB RAM with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.

Activity Logging Features

After the module is executed on your remote machine, the spy software will silently install itself. It will then begin recording a wide range of Internet and PC activities. These activities are uploaded to your private control panel. You can login anytime from any location to view results without needing to visit to the unreachable PC. The activities recorded are each described below. All activities include a date/time stamp.

Unlike any other remote monitoring software, SniperSpy's control panel uses a https connection for secure viewing. It also gives you the power to view graphical representations of data captured and a jpg picture of the screen however often you wish. The screenshot is shrunk to fit your screen, or you can zoom in at full size to read the text. Store up to 100 of these screenshots inside your account. More storage options are available for a small fee.

Sniper-Spy records the following activities:

  • Actual Screenshots
    Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active window however often you wish.
  • Websites Visited
    Records all website URLs visited in Internet Explorer and Firefox with page title.
  • Keystrokes in Most Languages
    Every keystroke typed into ANY window is logged, including passwords typed.
  • PC Location Mapping
    Logs the IP at each upload to show you physical locations of the PC on a map.
  • Full Chat Conversations
    Records BOTH sides of chats / IMs in Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live and more.
  • Programs Executed
    Records every program executed by the user including full path and username.
  • Program Session Durations
    Shows you how long each program was used including start time and stop time.
  • Automatic User File Uploads
    Uploads an *actual copy* of every document, picture or desktop file changed.
  • File / Folder Changes
    Each time a file or folder changes, the software records the action and the full path.

  • Live Surveillance and Advanced Control Features

    SniperSpy stands above the rest by offering an intuitive LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen before, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE surveillance and control on your remote PC from anywhere. You can view the remote screen like a television and perform other commands instantly. These commands use our server as an intermediary. You send the command to our server which instantly relays it to your remote computer.

    What does this mean for you? This means you do not need to directly connect to the remote computer to perform commands or view the screen. It also means the commands will work on any PC with SniperSpy installed. After your module is deployed you can connect to the LIVE Control Panel to perform over a dozen of these LIVE commands. Just some of best commands are outlined below.

  • Real Time Screen Viewer
    SniperSpy allows you to watch the remote PC's screen like a TV live in your browser.
  • Real Time Keystroke Viewer
    Silently view every keystroke in a separate screen as it is typed in real time.
  • Remote File Browser with Search
    Silently view the entire file system of the remote PC and download any file you wish.
  • View Active Processes
    View a list of running processes on the remote PC. Kill any process you choose.
  • Launch Application or Web Address
    Covertly launch any application or URL in the browser of the remote machine.
  • Send Message to User
    Send a discreet "Message from Admin" alert to the user at anytime.
  • Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff
    Remotely reboot or shutdown the PC or choose to logoff the current Windows user.

  • Other Features

    But what makes SniperSpy stand out from the rest? The main answer is the ability to view logs in real time from any web browser. You can use any computer web browser or even your smartphone's web browser.. Another thing that sets us apart is the live screen viewer. This revolutionary technology allows you to silently watch the remote computer's screen in real time! No other title makes this possible. Our remote spy software also gives you the ability to record screenshots however often you wish and perform live commands.

    Additionally, SniperSpy completely bypasses any standalone firewall. A firewall alerts the user when an unexpected upload occurs. Many competing titles are detected instantly upon installation due to the firewall alert in Windows 7 or Vista. But SniperSpy uses very advanced methods so that firewalls do not notice the upload. SniperSpy is remotely deployable to Windows 7, Vista and XP.

    SniperSpy also includes many other useful features that are right on target. This covert software can be installed, reconfigured AND uninstalled remotely. It also displays remote system information, which allows you to keep an eye on your remote machine's health.

  • HTTPS Secured Control Panel
    Offers the only HTTPS secured connection in the remote spy software industry.
  • Remotely Deployable
    Allows you to install the software from any location using a simple file you create.
  • Locally Deployable
    You can still install to a local computer. Simply run the exe module locally.
  • Optional Remote User Alert
    You select whether or not the remote user will be notified they are being monitored.
  • Remote System Information
    Retrieves system info such as CPU class, memory status, operating system, more.
  • Top Ten Report Graphs
    Displays graphs of the most accessed URLs, applications, web searches and more.
  • Log Viewing Enhancements
    SniperSpy breaks logs into pages with thumbnails and gives easy checkbox selection.
  • Searchable Logs
    Worried about specific keywords? Type them into the search to search ALL logs!
  • User Filter
    Log viewing screens can show results from all users or results from a specific user.
  • Remote Uninstall
    When your spying project ends you can uninstall through the Online Control Panel.

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